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Laboratory Standard Testing and Measuring Instruments

Backed by more than 50 years of industry experience, we are well recognized as leading manufacturers and exporters of laboratory standard testing & measuring instruments, precision engineered electronic instruments, scientific electronic instruments, industrial electronic instruments and measuring instruments. We hold expertise in offering a wide range of advanced technology based equipment that find extensive usage in research & laboratory based applications. We can also make these equipment available in both standard and customized specifications as demanded by many reputed establishments.

We offer:

Laboratory Instruments

We are manufacture, Supplying & Export a wide range of Laboratory Instruments like student spirometer, Hot Air Oven Bacteriological Incubators B.O.D. Incubators, Humidity Chamber,Laboratory Refrigrator, Deep Freezer, Enviormental Chamber,Hot plates, Muffle furnance, Plant Growth Chamber, meat & Bone Cutting Machine, Cadvar tank,Cadvarous Injector (Embalming Machine), Mortuary Chamber,All Types of Microtomes, Microtome razor Sharpner, Automatic Tissue Processor, Staining Machine,Rotary Shakers, Orbital Shaker Incubator, Auto Claves, Laminar Air Flow, Fume Hood, Bio safety cabinet, Water baths, Electroporisis,Tissue Culture Rcaks, T.L.C. Kit,Water Distillation plant, Heating Mantle, Platinum loop holder, charmotography glass tank, tourniquet, urinometer, measuring scale steel etc.

Hot Air Oven

Mortuary Chamber

Embalming Machine(Cadaverous Injector)

Ishhara's Chart

Rotary Shaker(Platform Type)

Tuning Fork (Harmonic)

Tuning Fork (Planetary)

Tuning Fork Set (Steel Chrome Plated)

Tuning Fork (Steel)

Tuning Fork (Steel Ball)

Tuning Fork (Side Spring Loading Trial Frame)

Tuning Fork (Blue Steel)

Tuning Fork (Aluminum Weighted)

Tuning Fork (Sharp)

Tuning Fork (Angel Tuner)

Hot Plate

Tuning Fork ( Kabbalah Tree of Life)

Tuning Fork (Chakras)

Tuning Fork ( ENT )

Manesty Pattern Water Still Plant (Wall Mounting)

Blood Mixer

Blood Mixers

Digital Stop Clock

Fume Hood (Cupboard)

Barnstead type Water Still

Heating Mantle

U.V. Cabinet

Freezing Micotome

Freezing Microtome

Grip Daynometer

Student Polarimeter(Laurent Half Shade)

Chemical Balance

Physical Balance

Black Rexine Chart

Millipore type Membrance Filter

Bunsen Burner with Stop Cock

Stop Watch

Glass Jar for Musim Specimen

Student Spirometer

Vacuum Pumps Rotary

Ice Cube Making Machine

Micro Tome Razors

Freezing Micro Tome (Erma type)

Sliding Micro Tome

Honing Stone

L. Moulds (Brass)

Rocking Micro Tome


Respiration Pump

Dry Bath Incubators

Laboratory Instruments
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Engineering Electronic Instruments

We are manufacture, supplying & Export  a wide range of Engineering Electronic Instruments like Electronic instruments, Characteristic of Vacuum Tubes (Valves) Characteristic of Semiconductor Devices, Lase Experiments,Nuclear Physics(G.M. Counter), Michelson Interferometers,Verification of Network Theorems, Verification of Taining Kit of Physics lab various Laws & Convertion of Signal, Characteristic of Rectifier,Filters Circuit & Regulators, Amplifiers Training Kit, Characteristic & Applications of Operational Amplifiers, Experiments of calculate e/m, Oscillators, Study of Multivibrators & applications of IC 555, Training Kit on Digital Electronic Experiements, Training Kit of Communication Lab, Function Generators, Digital/Analog testing & Measuring Instruments,Microwave Training Kit, Demonstration Training Kit,Microprocessor Trainer,Moving Coil Meters, ballistic Galvanometer,Resistance Box, Post Office Box,Condenser Boxes, UV VIS Spectrophotometer, Microprocessor UV-VIS Spectrophotometer,Digital Spectrophotometer,Digital Flame Photometer, Auto Karl Fischer Titrimeter, Digital PH, Conductivity, & Temperature Meters, Digital Colony Counter, Filter Photo Calorimeter, Digital Ph Meters, Poratable Water & Soil Anaalysis kits, laboratory Conductivity Meters,Total Dissolved Solids Meters, Digital Dissolved Oxygen Meters, Digital Potentiometers, Digital Turbidity Meters, Digital Microprocessor Haemoglobin Meters etc.

Ultrasonic Interferometer for Liquids

L.C.R. Bridge

Reflex Klyston Microwave Test Bench

Electronic Instruments

Voltage Doubler And Tripler Circuit


Study Of Microwave Test Bench Universal Model

Study Of Microwave Component

To Measure The Polar Pattern Of The Antenna

To Measure Dielectric Constant Of Solid And Liquid

To Study Of Gunn Diode Microwave Test Bench

Helium Neon Laser Light

Logic Gates Experiment (Six in One)

Study Of Resistance In Series

Study Of Resistence In Parallel

Wein Bridge Oscillator

Study Of Half And Full Wave And Bridge Rectifier Apparatus

Photo Diode Characteristics Apparatus

Photo Cell Charcteristic Apparatus

Decade Resistence Box

Two Stage RC Coupled Transistor Amplifier

Hartley Oscillators

Triode Valve Characteristics Apparatus

Study Of Adder And Subtractor

Energy Band Gap For Semi Conductor Diode

Thermistor Characteristics Apparatus

Battery Charger

Study Of Instruments Operational Amplifier

LDR Characteristic Apparatus

Ohm's Law Apparatus

BH Curve Apparatus

Hall Effect Experiment

Plank's Constant Apparatus

Ohm's Law Apparatus With Digital Panel Meters

E/m By Short Solenoid Method (Magnatron Method)

Basic Logic Gate 3 Using TTL IC's (7 & In ONE)

Fet Characteristic Apparatus With Regulated Power Supplies.

PN Junction/ Zener Diode Characteristic Apparatus

E/M By Thomson Method (Bar Magnet Method)

Transistor Characteristic Apparatus

Function Generator

Sodium Vapour Lamp Transformer

Schering Bridge

Pn Junction/zener Diode Charactristic Apparatus

IC Regulated Power Supply

Ic Regulated Power Supply 0-30 V - 2 Amp.

Digital To Analog Converter Using R-2r Network

Ic Regulated Power Supply 0-15 V - 2 Amp.

SCR Characteristic Apparatus With Regulated Power Supply

Study Of Instrumentation Amplifier

Engineering Electronic Instruments
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Research Microscopes

We are manufacture, Supplier & Exporter a quality range of Microscopes like Student Compound Microscope, Pathological Medical Research Microscope, Monocular (Inclined) Research Microscope, Binocular Research Microscope, Trinocular Research Microscope, Dissecting Microscope and Bull Type, Inverted Metellurgical Microscope,Matellurgical Microscope,Fluresence Microscope,Inverted Fluresence Microscope, Operating Surgical Microscope,Operating Surgical Microscope Fibre Cold Light, Co-ordinate Measuring Microscope,Newton Ring Microscope, Travelling Microscope,Microscope Lamp, Camera Licida etc.

Projection Microscope

Demonstration Eye Piece

Camera Lucida

Microscope Lamp

Travelling Microscope

Ring Microscope

Co-Ordinate Measuring Microscope

Surgical Operating Microscope Fibre Cold Light

Operating Surgical Microscope

Inverted Fluorescence Microscopes

Fluorescence Microscopes

Metallurgical Microscopes

Inverted Metallurgical Microscope

Dissecting Microscope Entomological (Bull Type)

Dissecting Microscope

Trinocular Research Microscope

Monocular Inclined Research Microscope

Pathological Medical Research Microscope

Student Compound Microscope

Binocular Research Microscope

Stereoscopic Dissecting Microscope

Zoom Stereo Binocular Microscope

Phase Contrast without Binocular Microscope

Stereo Dissecting Microscope

Research Microscopes

Pharmacy Instruments

Supplier of Pharmacy Instruments like student organ bath single unit, cook's pole climbing response apparatus, activity cage(actophotometer), analgesiometer tail flick model, analgesiometer eddy's hot plate, tablet disintegration test apparatus(double basket), tablet disintegration test apparatus (single basket) etc.

Electro Convulsiometer

Cook's Pole Climbing Response Apparatus

Rabbit Holder

Sieves Shakers

Permeability Cup

Super Speed Kymograph

Rota Rod

Telethermometer Six Probe

Tissue Processing Unit Single

Tissue Homogenizer

Dubois Raymond Key


BMR Apparatus (Vetlograph)

Tablet Making Machine Motorized

Antibiotic Zone Reader

Aseptic Cabinet

Prescription Balance

Ointment Cream Filling Machine

Ampule Filling & Sealing Machine (Electric Operated)

Suppository Moulds

Conical Percolator

Capsule Filling Machine

Variable Interrupter

Student Organ Bath Double Unit

Activity Cage Actophotometer

Analgesiometer Tail Flick Model

Analgesiometer Eddy's Hot Plate

Tablet Disintegration Test Apparatus Single Basket

Tablet Disintegration Test Apparatus Double Basket

Research Polarimeter

Research Polarimeter(220MM)

Disk Polarimeter

Sherrington Rotating Drum And Kymograph

Collapsible Tube Filling

Double Cone Blender

Polishing Pan

Powder Mass Mixer

Tablet Coating Pan

Tincture Press

Cube Mixer

Hand Operated Bottle Filling Machine

Bottle Filling Machine Motorized Operated

Tablet Machine Hand Operated

Tube Crimping and Sealing Machine

Tablet Hardness Tester (Monsanto type)

Tablet Hardness Tester (Pfizer type)

Laboratory Perimeter

Histamine Chamber

Active Response Apparatus

Clarity Test Equipment For Ampuls

Pharmacy Instruments
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Physics Research Instruments

We are manufacture, Supplier & Exporter a wide range of Physics Research Instruments like Viscosity Apparatus capillary flow, Clement & Disormies Apparatus, Boy's law Apparatus Torsion Apparatus, Davy Safety Lamp, Milli Ammeter D/C Moving Coil, Digital Panel Meter, Fly Wheel, Maxwell Needle, Lee & Charlton Apparatus, Suction Pump, Screw Gauge,Young,s Modulus,Spectrometer, Galvanometers, Jager's Apparatus, Vernier callipers, Speherometers,Potentiometers,Meter Bridges, Induction Coil, Tuning Fork, Electrical Tuning Fork,Pulleys, Bucket Cylinder,Parllogram of Force apparatus,Force Table, Gold Leaf Electroscope,Hook's law apparatus,Two & Four Stroke Petrol & Diesel Engine Models,Linear Expansion Apparatus,Ring & Ball, Inclined Plane,Barometers,Hope's Apparatus,Thermals Conductivity Apparatus,Copper Calorimeters,Steam Generator,Ticket Tape Timer,Bimetallic strip,Rain Gauge, Anemometer Cup Type,Rising Table, Expansion Apparatus,Bar Pendulum, Viscometer Searle,s Pattern,Platinum Resistance Thermometer,Bending Of Beam, Barton's Apparatus, Copper Voltameter,Dip Circle, Tangent galvanometer, Banana & Crocodile Plug,Earth Inductor,Drawing Board,Ballistic galvanometer, Spot Reflecting Galvanometer, Plug Keys, Tapping Keys,Reversing Keys, Lamp & Scale, Millicon's Oil Drop Apparatus,Magnetic Compass, Vibration Magnatometer, Deflection magnatometer,Model og Daynamo, Model of Telephone Set,Newton Ring, Pendulum Bob,  Metal Cubes, Metal Cylinder,Possion Ratio of Rubber Apparatus, Bell Demonstration Model, Optical Bench Set, Bi-Prism & Fresenal Bi-Prism Assembly, Research Optical Bench, Rehostate, Post Office Box, Resistance Box,Decade Resistance Box,Condenser Box,Slotted weights, Analitical weight Box, Physical weight Box, Chemical weight Box,Van de graff Generator,Cylinderical/Conical/Sphere Conductor,Solonide, Ebonite Rod, Carbon Rod, Copper Rod, Zinc Rod, Magnets,Crooks radiometer,Biots Apparatus, Daniel Cell, Leclanchee Cell, Simple Cell, Porus Pots, Zinc & Copper Plate, Test Tube Holders etc.

Diffraction Grating

Insulated Socket, Spin Free

Crocodile Clips, Standard

Brass Vernier Caliper

Ripple Tank Apparatus

Spectrum Tube with Power Supply

Standard Reading Telescope with Scale

Ripple Tank

Babinet Compensator

Ar Spark Lamp

Precision Autocollimator

Wimshurst Machine

Laboratory Spectrometer

Rheostats Single

Research Optical Bench

Magnetometer Vibration

Set of Springs

Laboratory Spherometer

Young's Modulus of Wire Apparatus

Torsion Apparatus Horizontal

Reversing Key

Bolton's Apparatus

Bar Pendulum(Compound Pendulum)

Magnetic Compass Both Sides Glass

Jamin Interferometer

Ultrasonic Bath

Hydrostatic Balance

Inertia Table

Inertia Disc

Bending of Beam Apparatus

Viscosity Apparatus Capillary Flow

Clement and Disormies Apparatus

Boy's Law Apparatus

Davy Safety Lamp

Milli Ammeter DC Moving Coil

Digital Panel Meter

Fly Wheel

Maxwell Needle

Lee & Charlton Apparatus

Suction Pump

Screw Gauge(Micrometer)

Stainless Steel Sprite Lamp

Nautical Sextant

Jaeger's Surface Tension

Fresnal s Bi-Prism

Hallow Prism, Slab & Truff

Vernier Calliper

Laboratory Potentiometer

Meter Bridge

Laboratory Sonometer

Physics Research Instruments
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Chemistry Equipment

Barometer Aneroid Demonstration, Barometer Aneroid Wall Type, Atomic Model Set, Air Pump, Basins Evaporating, Beehive Shelf, Bell Jar, Bunsen Burner. Clip Mohr,Cork Borer,Cork Borer Sharpener,Cork Press,Crucible Gooch,Crucible Micro Porcelain,Crucible Pure Nickel,Crucible Squat,DANIELL CELL,Gas Jar,Gas Jar Cover,Gas Syringe,Hoffman Voltameter,Teclu Burner,BOSSHEAD(Cast Iron),BOSSHEAD(Fish Type),BOSSHEAD(Round),BOSSHEAD(Square),RETORT Clamps,RETORT RINGS(Right),Boss Head Type Clamp,Burette Clamp Fisher Type,Single Burette Clamp,Retort ring with Bosshead.

Cork Boring Machine

Hoffman Clip

Retort Ring with Bosshead

Single Burette Clamp

Burette Clamp Fisher Type

Boss Head type Clamp

Retort Rings, Right

Retort, Clamps

Bosshead, Square

Round Bosshead

Bosshead, Fish Type

Cast Iron Bosshead

Gauze Iron

Watch Glass

Voltameter Copper

Meker Burner

Bunsen Burner

Bell Jar

Beehive Shelf

Basins Evaporating

Air Pump

Atomic Model Set

Barometer Aneroid Wall Type

Barometer Aneroid Demonstration

Clip Mohr

Cork Borer

Cork Borer Sharpener

Cork Press

Crucible Gooch

Crucible Micro Porcelain

Crucible Pure Nickel

Crucible Squat

Daniell Cell

Gas Jar

Gas Syringe

Hoffman Voltameter

Teclu Burner

Clip Hoffman

Crystal Model Set

Flame Spreader

Gas Generator Kipp's Apparatus

Gas Jar Cover

Chemistry Equipment

Weighing Scales

Physician Scale,Height Measuring Stand,Height & Weight Scale, Circular Suspension Scale, Pedestral Scale, Personal Sleek weighing Scale, Baby Cum Child ,Countess Personal Weighing Scale,Baroness Personal Weighing Scale,Duchess/Duchess Dx Personal Weighing Scale,Empress Personal Weighing Scale,Imperial Personal Weighing Scale, Marquess, Queen, Princess, Duke,LPG Indicactor,Baby Classic Scale,Baby Deluxe, House Hold,Kitchen Magnum,Multi Weigh,Mail Scale,Parcel Scale,Classic Aquatronic Scale,Lab Scale,Ceramic Tile Scale,Fitness Plus Personal Scale with Clock,Black Glass Scale,Balances Spring,Balance Spring Dial Type,Balance Spring,Balance Lever,Spring Balances Newton,Spring Balances,Spring Balances Tubular Newton,Spring Balances Tubular Metric,Spring Balance Acrylic,Tubular Spring Balance with Colour Code,Spring Balance Tubalor Metal,Spring Balance Tubalor.

Spring Balance Tubalor

Spring Balance Tubalor Metal

Tubular Spring Balance with Colour Code

Spring Balances

Spring Balances Newton

Balance Lever

Balance Spring Dial Type

Circular Suspension Scale

Physician Scale

Height Measuring Stand

Height and Weight Scale

Pedestal Scale

Personal Sleek Weighing Scale

Baby Cum Child

Countess Personal Weighing Scale

Baroness Personal Weighing Scale

Duchess/Duchess Dx Personal Weighing Scale

Empress Personal Weighing Scale

Imperial Personal Weighing Scale

Marquess Weighing Scales

Queen Weighing Scales

Princess Weighing Scales

Duke Weighing Scales

LPG Indicator

Baby Classic Scale

Baby Deluxe

House Hold Weighing Scales

Kitchen Magnum

Multi Weigh

Mail Scale Laboratories

Parcel Scale

Classic Aquatronic Scale

Lab Scale

Ceramic Tile Scale

Fitness Plus Personal Scale With Clock

Black Glass Scale

Balances Spring

Balance Spring

Spring Balances Tubular Newton

Tubular Metric Spring Balances

Spring Balance Acrylic

Compact Baby Scale

Weighing Scales

Plastic Glass Ware

Beakers,Sample Container (Press & Fit Type), Laclanche Cell Pot,Simple Cell Pot, Storage Boxes, Magenta Box, Draining Rack, Carrier Tray, Utility Tray,Laboratory Tray,Plantation Pots, Pneumatic Trough,Micro Pestle,L Shaped Spreader,Soft Loop Sterile,Policemen Stirring Rods,Stirrer,Pipette Stand(94 Pipette-Rotary),Pipette Box,Reagent Reservoir,Universal Reagent Reservoir,Ice Bucket,Staining Box,Measuring Cylinders, Measuring Cylinders Hexagonal,Measuring Cylinders Pentagonal,Measuring Jugs,Measuring Jugs(Euro Design) ,Conical Measures,Seperatory Funnel,Spatula,Cell Scraper,Petri Dish (Disposable),Rack for Petri Dishes,Universal Multi Rack,Nestler Cylinder Stand,Test Tube Stand,Test Tube Stand (Round),Rack For Micro Centrifuge Tubes,Test Tube Stand (3Tier),Test Tube Stand (Wire Pattern),Rack For Micro Centrifuge (Folding),Test Tube Baskets, Draining Baskets, Pipette Stand (Horizontal),Pipette Stand (Vertical),Storage Vial With O-Ring,Storage Vial Internal Thread,SV10-SV5, Scintillation Vial,Rack for Scintillation Vial,Cryo Vial- Internal Thread,Cryo Vial,Cryo Coders,Cryo Rack,Cryo Box (PC),Cryo Box (PP),Immunology Plates,Micro Tip Box,Micro Tip Box (New),Volumetric Flask,Float Rack,MCT Twin Rack,PCR Tube Rack,MCT Box,Centrifuge Tube Conical Bottom,Centrifuge Tube Round Bottom,Oak Ridge Centrifuge Tubes,Urine Container,Stool Container,Ria Vial,Ria Vial With Screw Cap, Test Tube Cap,Storage Vial,Desiccator (Plain),Stop Cocks, Kipp's Apparatus,Funnels - Long Stem,Buchner Funnel, Analytical Funnel,Petri Dish,Petri Dish (Culture),Atomic Model Set,Atomic Model Set (Euro Design),Crystal Model Set,Coplin Jar.

Laboratory Beakers

Sample Container

Laclanche Cell Pot

Simple Cell Pot

Storage Boxes

Magenta Box

Draining Rack

Carrier Tray

Utility Tray

Laboratory Tray

Plantation Pots

Pneumatic Trough

Micro Pestle

L Shaped Spreader

Soft Loop Sterile

Policemen Stirring Rods

Laboratory Stirrer

Pipette Stand (94 Pipette-Rotary)

Pipette Box

Reagent Reservoir

Universal Reagent Reservoir

Ice Bucket

Staining Box

Measuring Cylinders

Measuring Cylinders Hexagonal

Measuring Cylinders Pentagonal

Measuring Jugs

Measuring Jugs (Euro Design)

Conical Measures

Seperatory Funnel

Laboratory Spatula

Cell Scraper

Petri Dish (Disposable)

Rack for Petri Dishes

Universal Multi Rack

Nestler Cylinder Stand

Test Tube Stand

Test Tube Stand (Round)

Rack for Micro Centrifuge Tubes

Test Tube Stand (3Tier)

Test Tube Stand (Wire Pattern)

Rack for Micro Centrifuge (Folding)

Test Tube Baskets

Draining Baskets

Pipette Stand (Horizontal)

Pipette Stand (Vertical)

Storage Vial With O-Ring

Storage Vial Internal Thread

SV10-SV5 Storage Vial

Scintillation Vial

Plastic Glass Ware
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Soda Glassware

Canada Balsom Bottle, Couplin Jar, Dessicator Vaccum, Dropping Bottle (Rubber Teat Type), Dropping Bottle (T.K. Pattern), Funnel, Gas Jar with Cover, Kipps Apparatus, Measuring Cylinder,Petri Dish,Pneumatic Through,Rain Gauge Cylinder,Specimen Jar (RECTANGULAR),Specimen Jar with Bakelite cover,Staining Jar,Winchester Bottle,Calcium Chloride Tower,Bell Jar.

Canada Balsom Bottle

Dessicator Vacuum

Dropping Bottle (Rubber Teat Type)

Dropping Bottle T. K. Pattern

Laboratory Funnel

Pneumatic Trough

Winchester Bottle

Calcium Chloride Tower

Bell Jar

Specimen Jars with Knobbed Stopper

Staining Jar

Specimen Jar (Rectangular)

Measuring Cylinder

Rain Gauge Cylinder

Kipps Apparatus

Gas Jar with Cover

Petri Dish

Aspirator Bottles

Battery Jar

Bell Jar Stoppered

Bell Jar With Out Stopper

Bell Jar Knobbed

Bottle Gas Washing Dreschell (Plain)


Canada Balsam Bottles

Couplin Jar

Dropping Bottles T K Pattern


Desiccators Pyrex Type

Flask F.B

R.B Short Neck Flask

Flask R.B Long Neck (Retord)

Conical Flask

Iodine Flask

Filtering Flask

Measuring Flask


Hydrometer Jars

Staining Jars

Measuring Cylinders

Pestles & Mortars

Spirit Lamps

Specimen Tube

Rectangular Specimen Jar


Reagent Bottles W.M.F.S. Amber

Glass Beads

Laboratory Tubes & Rods

Reagent Bottles NMFS Amber

Media Bottles

Soda Glassware
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Borosilicate Glass

Viscometer, Test Tube Graduated, Beaker, Chromatography Reservior, Beaker Low Form with Spout, Beaker Tall Form with Spout, BOD Bottle with Interchangable Stopper, Burette Stop Cock Borosilicate Glass,Burette Rota Flow-Single Bore, Dessicators Non- Vaccum, Dessicators Vaccum,Distillation Apparatus, Flask Conical (ERLENMETER),Flask Conical with Interchangable Stopper,Flask Conical Filteration,Flask Conical with Screw Cap,Flask Distillation,Flask Flat Bottom,Flask Iodine,Flask Kjeldhal,Flask Retord with Interchangable Stopper,Flask Round Bottom Three Neck,Flask Round Bottom Two Neck,Flask Volumetric with Interchangable Stopper,Funnel Dropping with Stop Cock,Funnel Dropping with Stopper,Funnel Long Stem,Funnel Seperating,Funnel Seperating - PTFE Stop Cock,Funnel Seperating - Rota Flow Stop Cock,Funnel Seperating-Stop Cock,Funnel Short Stem,Funnel Thissle with Stem,Connections Tubes U Shaped,Measuring Cylinder Hexagonal Base,Measuring Cylinder Plastic Base,Petri Dish, Pipette Measuring,Reagent Bottle NM with Interchangable Stopper,Reagent Bottle NM with Screw Cap,Reagent Bottle WM with Interchangable Double,Socket Single,Specific Gravity Bottle,Woulf Bottle Three Neck.

Amber Colour Flasks Volumetric

Laboratory Viscometer

Test Tube Graduated

Laboratory Beaker

Chromatography Reserviors

Beaker Low Form With Spout

Beaker Tall Form With Spout

Bod Bottle With Inter Changeable Stopper

Burette Stop Cock Borosilicate Glass

Burette Rota Flow- Single Bore

Dessicators Non- Vacuum

Desiccators Vacuum

Distillation Apparatus

Flask Conical (Erlenmeter)

Flask Conical With Interchangeable Stopper

Flask Conical Filteration

Flask Conical with Screw Cap

Flask Distillation

Flask Flat Bottom

Flask Iodine

Flask Kjeldahl

Flask Retort with Interchangeable Stopper

Flask Round Bottom Three Neck

Flask Round Bottom Two Neck

Flask Volumetric with Interchangeable Stopper

Funnel Dropping with Stopcock

Funnel Dropping with Stopper

Funnel Long Stem

Funnel Separating

Funnel Separating - PTFE Stop Cock

Funnel Separating - Rota Flow Stop Cock

Funnel Separating- Stop Cock

Funnel Short Stem

Funnel Thissle With Stem

Connection Tubes U Shaped

Measuring Cylinder Hexagonal Base

Measuring Cylinder Plastic Base

Petri Dish

Pipette Measuring

Reagent Bottle NM With Interchangeable Stopper

Reagent Bottle NM with Screw Cap

Reagent Bottle Wm with Interchangeable Stopper

Socket Double

Atomic Model Set

Specific Gravity Bottle

Woulf Bottle Three Neck

Thistle Funnels

Thistle Funnel for Kipp's Apparatus

Dropping Bottles

High Pressure Manometer

Borosilicate Glass
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Astro Telescopes

We are supplying Astronomical Telescope. Our expertise in understanding the specific demands of the customers as well as due process guidance provided by experienced management allow us to ensure high workmanship standards and educational value in the complete equipment range delivered by us

Astronomical Telescope

Astronomical and Terrestrial Telescope Combined

Astro Telescopes

Biological Models

A Dissection Of The Right Side Of The Neck, Aids Virus, Amoeba, Anatomy Of Dicot Stem, Ts & Ls Combined, Animal Cell Animal Cell Division Meiosis,Animal Cell Division Mitosis,Anterior Foot Of Rabbit,Ascaris , Male And Female,Autonomic Nervous System,Bird Dissection-domestic Hen,Bird Dissection- Pigeon, Chloroplast,Cockroach Model,Comaprative Germination Model, Dicot Flower,Dicot Leaf Ts,Dicot Leaf Vs,Dicot Root Tip,Dicot Stem Ts,Earthworm Dissection,Euglena,Fertilization Of The Angiosperms,Fish Dissection,Compound Or Facet Eye,Fish Dissection - Perch,Fish Skeleton,Frog Dissection,Flower (Prunus),Frsactures , Faults & Dislocations Model,Fungi, Herbaceous Dicot Stem,Herbaceous Dicot Stem,Herbaceous Dicot Stem Section,Horizontal Strata,Mitosis Model Set Of 8, Monocot Leaf Ts,Frog Development,Paramecium,Human Torso,Human Torso ,Unisex-12 Parts,Torso Half Size With Head,Torso Sexless - 10 Parts,Torso With Interchangeable Sex Organs,Torso With Interchangable Sex Organs-24 Parts,Torso With Muscles And Open Back,Prehistoric Man Skulls - Set Of 6, Muscle Figure,Human Skeleton Model,Human Skull Model - 2 Parts,Human Skull Model- 3 Parts,Human Head & Brain - 3 Parts,Half Of The Head,Human Half Head And Neck With Musculature,Human Head With Brain - 3 Parts,Human Head With Brain - 2 Parts,Human Brain Model- 2 Parts,Human Brain With Arteries-8 Parts,Human Brain Model - 4 Parts,Human Nose L.s.,Hypertension Models - 7 Parts,Human Upper And Lower Jaw,Larynx With Tongue & Teeth,Upper And Lower Jaw, Denitition Development,Human Teeth- Set Of 25,Human Teeth - Set Of 16,Lower Jaw With Teeth,Dental Care Model,Heart & lungs Model - 4 Parts,Heart & Lungs Model-7 Parts,Heart With Lungs And Larynx,Human Heart-2 Parts,Human Heart-3 Parts, Human Heart-4 Parts,Human Heart-7 Parts,Human Heart, Human Heart Extra Large Size,Human Heart Muscle,Human Eye 5 Times Enlarged,Human Eye Model-3 Times,full Size -7 Parts, Human Eye 5 Times,Human Eye With Lid,Human Eye Demonstartion Model,Eye In Bony Orbit,Giant Ear 5 Times, Human Ear-5 Parts,Human Ear-6 Parts,Human Ear,Human Eye Model On Bony Base,Human Circulatory System,Human Digestive System,Human Digestive Canal,Human Nervous System,Human Kidney Section - 3 Times,Human Kidney With Adrenal Gland-2 Part

A Dissection Of The Right Side Of The Neck

Aids Virus

Amoeba Models

Anatomy Of Dicot Stem, Ts & Ls Combined

Animal Cell

Animal Cell Division Meiosis

Animal Cell Division Mitosis

Anterior Foot Of Rabbit

Ascaris, Male And Female

Autonomic Nervous System

Bird Dissection-Domestic Hen

Bird Dissection- Pigeon

Chloroplast Models

Cockroach Model

Comaprative Germination Model

Dicot Flower

Dicot Leaf Ts

Dicot Leaf Vs

Dicot Root Tip

Dicot Stem Ts

Earthworm Dissection

Euglena Models

Fertilization Of The Angiosperms

Fish Dissection

Compound Or Facet Eye

Fish Dissection - Perch

Fish Skeleton

Frog Dissection

Flower ( Prunus)

Frsactures, Faults & Dislocations Model

Fungi Models

Herbaceous Dicot Stem

Herbaceous Dicot Stem Section

Horizontal Strata

Mitosis Model Set Of 8

Monocot Leaf Ts

Frog Development

Paramecium Models

Human Torso

Human Torso, Unisex-12 Parts

Torso Half Size With Head

Torso Sexless - 10 Parts

Torso With Interchangeable Sex Organs

Torso With Interchangable Sex Organs-24 Parts

Torso With Muscles And Open Back

Prehistoric Man Skulls - Set Of 6

Muscle Figure

Human Skeleton Model

Human Skull Model - 2 Parts

Human Skull Model- 3 Parts

Biological Models
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Density Hydrometer

Specific gravity hydrometer / beaume glass hydrometer,specific gravity glass hydrometers,baume glass hydrometer,twaddle glass hydrometers,brass beaume hydrometers sikes hydrometer /alcohol hydrometer (zeal made in england),alcohol hydrometer,glass alcoholometer,density hydrometer, sikes hydrometer / alcoholometer,glass alcoholometer,urinometers,lactometers,brix glass hydrometer,soil glass hydrometers,density petroleum kit,wine testing kit.

Alcohol Hydrometer

Wine Testing Kit

Glass Alcoholometer

Glass Alcoholometers

Specific Gravity Hydrometer / Beaume Glass Hydrometer

Specific Gravity Glass Hydrometers

Baume Glass Hydrometer

Twaddle Glass Hydrometers

Brass Beaume Hydrometers

Sikes Hydrometer /Alcohol Hydrometer (Zeal Made In England)

Density Hydrometer

Sikes Hydrometer / Alcoholometer

Laboratory Urinometers

Laboratory Lactometers

Micro Tome Razors

Brix Glass Hydrometers

Soil Glass Hydrometers

Density Petroleum Kit

Density Hydrometer

Laboratory Thermometer

Glass Thermometers, General Purpose Glass Thermometers, Maximum & Minimum Thermometers, Wall Thermometer Plastic Body, Soil Thermometer Brass Cone Ground Joint Thermometers, Wet & Dry Bulb Hygrometer, Precision Thermometers,Precision Thermometer Yellow Glass,Spectrum Discharge Tube Usa Type (Vacum Tube),Whirling Hygrometer,Spectrum Discharge Tube/Oil & Water Paste.

Glass Thermometers

General Purpose Glass Thermometers

Maximum and Minimum Thermometers

Maximum & Minimum Thermometers

Wall Thermometer Plastic Body

Soil Thermometer Brass Cone

Ground Joint Thermometers

Wet & Dry Bulb Hygrometer

Precision Thermometers

Precision Thermometer Yellow Glass

Spectrum Discharge Tube Usa Type (Vacuum Tube)

Whirling Hygrometer

Spectrum Discharge Tube and Water Paste

Laboratory Thermometer

Audio Visual Equipment

Portable Overhead Projector, Compact Folding Overhead Projector, Deluxe Compact Folding Overhead Projector, Slide Projector with Audio Kit, High Performance Slide Projector, Over Head Projector and many more.

Slide Projector

Over Head Projector

Portable Overhead Projector

Compact Folding Overhead Projector

Deluxe Compact Folding Overhead Projector

Slide Projector with Audio Kit

High Performance Slide Projector

Audio Visual Equipment

ENT Equipment

Surgical Microscope Cold Light, Surgical Microscope Direct Halogen, Surgical Microscope Cold Light, Surgical Operating Microscope, Fiber Optic Head Light,Endo Camera (Digital Video Camera),Digital Video Camera (White Balance Zoom),Laryngoscope Seventy Degree,Laryngoscope Ninety Degree,Endoscope Zero degree,Endoscope Thirty Degree, Endoscope Seventy Degree

Surgical Microscope Cold Light

Surgical Microscope Direct Halogen

Surgical Operating Microscope

Fiber Optic Head Light

Endoscopy Camera (Digital Video Camera)

Digital Video Camera (White Balance Zoom)

Laryngoscope Seventy Degree

Laryngoscope Ninety Degree

Endoscope Zero Degree

Endoscope Thirty Degree

Endoscope Seventy Degree

ENT Equipment

Gynaecology Equipments

Colposcope 3 Step Magnification, Video Colposcope, Colposcope 5 Step Magnification, Colposcope Continous Zoom and many more.

Colposcope 3 Step Magnification

Video Colposcope

Colposcope 5 Step Magnification

Colposcope Continous Zoom

Gynaecology Equipments

Dental Equipments

Surgical Microscope Cold Light, Surgical Microscope (Direct Halogen), Surgical Microscope, Surgical Microscope Fibre Cold Light, Surgical Loupe and many more.

Surgical Microscope Cold Light

Surgical Microscope (Direct Halogen)

Surgical Microscope

Surgical Microscope Fibre Cold Light

Surgical Loupe

Dental Equipments

Neurological Instruments

Surgical Microscope Cold Light, Surgical Microscope (Direct Halogen), Surgical Microscope, Surgical Microscope Fibre Cold Light and many more.

Surgical Microscope Cold Light

Surgical Microscope Direct Halogen

Surgical Microscope

Surgical Microscope Fibre Cold Light

Neurological Instruments

Laboratory Accessories

CCD Camera, Beam Splitter, Trial Frame, Surgical Loupe, Examination Torch, Streak Retinoscope, Operating Light and many more.

CCD Camera

Beam Splitter

Trial Frame

Surgical Loupe

Examination Torch

Streak Retinoscope

Operating Light

Laboratory Accessories

Ophthalmic Equipment

Slit Lamp Fine Stepper Magnification, Slit Lamp Stepper Magnification, Slit Lamp General, Slit Lamp Modern, Surgical Microscope Cold Light, Surgical Microscope (Direct Halogen), Surgical Microscope Fibre Cold Light,Keratometer,Lensmeter Corona Target,Lensmeter (Corona Cross Target),Indirect Ophthalmoscope,Synoptophore,Trial Lens Set (Illuminated), Chair Unit

Slit Lamp Fine Stepper Magnification

Slit Lamp Stepper Magnification

Slit Lamp General

Slit Lamp Modern

Surgical Microscope Cold Light

Surgical Microscope (Direct Halogen)

Surgical Microscope Fiber Cold Light

Keratometer Ophthalmic Equipment

Lensmeter Corona Target

Lensmeter (Corona Cross Target)

Indirect Ophthalmoscope


Trial Lens Set (Illuminated)

Chair Unit

Ophthalmic Equipment

Physics Electrical Cell

Auto Transformer,Banana Plugs,Banana Plugs Socket, Capacitance Sunstitution Box,Demonstration Dynamo, Demonstration Dynamo A.C.,Demonstration Dynamo D.C., Demonstration Dynamo A.C. and D.C.,Lampholder, Leads, Digital Panel Meter,Multimeter Digital LCD - Deluxe,Coil 120 Turns,Coil 2400 Turns,Coil 240 Turns,Electric Motor With Newtons Disc,Multimeter Analogue,Resistance Box,Resistance Coil in Bakelite Case

Auto Transformer

Banana Plugs

Banana Plugs Socket

Capacitance Sunstitution Box

Demonstration Dynamo

Demonstration Dynamo A.C.

Demonstration Dynamo D.C.

Demonstration Dynamo A.C. and D.C.

Lampholder Cell

Electronic Leads

Digital Panel Meter

Multimeter Digital LCD - Deluxe

Coil 120 Turns

Coil 2400 Turns

Coil 240 Turns

Electric Motor with Newtons Disc

Multimeter Analogue

Resistance Box

Resistance Coil in Bakelite Case

Physics Electrical Cell

Electrical Engineering Equipments

Single Phase Transformer,3 Phase Ac Machine With Loading Arrangement,3 PHASE INDUCTION MOTOR,Alternator,DC MACHINE WITH LOADING ARRANGEMENT,LOAD TEST ON A DC SHUNT GENERATOR,Repulsion Motors,SLIP RING INDUCTION MOTOR,Kilo Watt Meter,Frequency Meter,Squirrel Cage Induction Motor,Dc Shunt Generator No Load Tests On Dc Shunt Generator,Inductive Load,Knife Switch

Squirrel Cage Induction Motor

Knife Switch

Inductive Load

DC Shunt Generator No Load Tests on DC Shunt Generator

Frequency Meter

Kilo Watt Meter

Slip Ring Induction Motor

Repulsion Motors

Synchronous Alternator

Single Phase Transformer

3 Phase Induction Motor

3 Phase AC Machine with Loading Arrangement

Load Test on A DC Shunt Generator

DC Machine with Loading Arrangement

Study of Voltage Regulation Using IC317

Calibration Of Ammeter

Calibration Of Volt Meter

Hopkinsons Test

Identical Machines

Distribution Panels

Experiments In Machines Lab No Load Tests

Load Tests On A Synchronous Generator

Electrical Engineering Equipments

Electricity Equipment

We offer a diverse range of Electrical Equipment, which is widely appreciated by our clients for its performance, high tensile strength and longer service life. Our range is widely used in domestic as well as commercial sectors. Moreover, we are capable of meeting the bulk requirement of clients within a committed time frame.

Electric Bell

Wercester Circuit Box

Solenoid Valves

Iron Clad Electromagnet

Electricity Equipment

Physics Labware

Our Physics Lab Instruments are widely used in laboratories to conduct experiments related to physical science. Their efficient designing of our Physics Lab Instruments is done by experts in unique designs that help users to take right measures with ultimate precision.

Ticker Tape Timer

Photo Gates

Pascal s Hydraulic Press

Free Fall Apparatus

Air Source / Blower

Physics Labware

Magnetism and Electrostatic

Magnetism & Electrostatic

Precision Projection Electroscope

Pitch Ball Electroscope

Multi Spire Device Or Floating Magnets

Faraday S Plate

Electric Whirl

Braun Electroscope

Pitch Balls

Electric Discharger

Pith Balls

Magnetism and Electrostatic

Entomologicals Equipments

H.L.SCIENTIFIC INDUSTRIES offer a wide range of entomological equipments, which gives solutions to various institutions including agricultural universities, education institutions, research institutions, pharma industries and others. Our range of equipments are best known for their durability & the best it carrires. Some of our range of entomological equipments includes insect storage box, insect cabinet small, insect streching board, insect net, insect light trap, insect cages, inoculation chamber economy, corcyra cage, egg laying cage, corcyra egg laying cage and magnascope.

Insect Showcase Cabinet Large

Insect Light Trap

Corcyra Cage

Corcyra Egg Laying Cage

Corcyra Cage Waterproof Plywood

Inoculation Chamber Economy

Observation Beehive

Breeding Nest for Chrysopa

Insect Storage Boxes

Breeding Nest for Flies

Light Trap for Moth with Mercury Bulb

Brown Plant Hopper Insect Rearing Cage

Green Leaf Hopper Insect Rearing Cage

Rat and Mosquito Cage

Box for Glass Specimen Tubes

Insect Collecting Net

Insect Setting Block

Entomological Pin Storage Block

Insect Stretching Board

Plankton Net

Insect Stretching Strips Box

Insect Light Trap Barles Type

Magnascope Bench Magnifier

Entomologicals Equipments

Plant Pathalogy Equipments

Herbarium And Plant Pathology Equipment

Herbarium Press for Field Use

Botanical Vasculum

Herbarium Cabinets

Plant Pathalogy Equipments

General Purpose Equipments

H.L.SCIENTIFIC INDUSTRIES offer wide range of Scientific Laboratory Equipments, Laboratory  General Purpose Wooden Instruments etc.

Reference Card Cabinet

Tracer Frame

Reprint Boxes

Chart Cabinet

Literature Cabinet

Drawing Board with Stand

Wax Block Cabinet

General Purpose Equipments

ITI List of Tools and Equipment for the Trade of Fitter

We are pleased to inform you that we are the suppliers of the Training-instruments for I.T.I, I.T.C and engineering colleges.

We are dealing in the following trades for your reference:-
Fitter, Electrician, Welder, Deisel Mechanic,Wireman .
Complete trade at exiciting prices.

ITI List of Tools & Equipment for the Trade of Fitter

List of Tools & Equipment for The Trade Of Fitter

Tools and Equipment for the Trade of Fitter

ITI List of Tools and Equipment for the Trade of Fitter

ITI List of Tools and Equipment

We are pleased to inform you that we are the suppliers of the Training-instruments for I.T.I, I.T.C and engineering colleges.

We are dealing in the following trades for your reference:-
Fitter, Electrician, Welder, Deisel Mechanic,Wireman .
Complete trade at exiciting prices.

ITI List of Tools & Equipment for the Trade of Electrician

Tools and Equipment for The Trade Of Electrician

ITI List of Tools and Equipment

Reagent Chemical

Manufacturer & Exporter of Reagent Chemical. Our product range also comprises of Laboratory Instruments, Engineering Electronic Instruments and Research Microscopes.

Reagent Chemical

Industrial Chemical

Laboratory Research Equipment

We are one of the leading manufacturers & suppliers of Microprocessor UV / VIS Spectrophotometer , Digital pH Meter, Photo Colorimeter, Conductivity Meter, Dissolved Oxygen Meter, Water / Soil Testing Kit, Spectrophoto Meter, Turbidity Meter, TDS . Salinity Meter, Digital Colony Counter, Karl Fisher Titrimeter, Digital Potentiometer, Flame Photometer, Microprocessor Instruments Etc. We are among the very few names in the field of Instrumentation to offer latest technology Instruments for Agriculture, Aqua Culture, Biotechnology, Cement, Chemical, Chemical & Labs, Dairy, Fertilizers, Food & Beverage, Hospitals, Iron & Steel, Industrial Water Disposal, Mineral Water Plant, Metallurgy, Mines & Geology, Pollution Control, Petro Chemical, Plants & Dyes, Pharmaceuticals, Potable Water Plants, Sewage Plants, Textile.

Featured with Latest technology & designed to meet the needs of modern industry. our products are widely used in laboratory . Being one of the leaders for over two decades, we have constantly upgraded our technology and offered excellent after-sales service.

Microprocessor - Visible Spectrophotometer

Tissue Flotation Bath

Microprocessor UV-VIS Spectrophotometer

Microprocessor UV-VIS Spectrophotometer(Double Beam)

Photo Colorimeters

Flame Photo Meters

Microprocessor Spectrophotometer Double Beam

UV-VIS Spectrophotometer

Karl Fisher Titrimeters

Electrical Conductivity Meter (Microprocessor Based)

Microprocessor Spectrophotometer

Auto Colorimeter

Digital Colony Counters

Digital Turbidity Meters

Digital TDS Meters

Digital Spectrophotometer

Digital D. O. Meter

Digital Conductivity Meter

Digital Automatic Melting Point Apparatus

Digital PH Meters

Portable D. O. Meter

Laboratory Research Equipment

Survey Instruments

H.L.SCIENTIFIC INDUSTRIES engaged in manufacturing and supplying surveying instruments. These are designed using superior quality brass, gunmetal and aluminum and appreciated for their accurate readings and easy installations in very competitive price. Our quality range of products is widely used across the clients based in India and subcontinent.

Recording Rain Gauge

Open Pan Evaporimeter

Sun Shine Recorder (As Per Is 7243-1974)

Thermograph (As per 5901 - 1970)

Thermo- Hygrograph

Stevenson Screen (As Per Is 5948-1970)

Spherical Densiometer

Optical Square

Telescopic Alidade

Ghat Tracer

Aluminium Telescopic Levelling Staff

Abney Level

Ranging Rod

Plain Table

Drafting Machine

Digital Planimeter

Pentax Auto Level

MYZOX Auto Level

Nautical Sextant

Box Sextant with Leather Case

Brunton Compass

Survey Compass

Pocket Compass

Prismatic Compass

Brass Antique Compass

Nautical Ship Wheel Compass

Brounton Compass with Wooden Box

Brass Magnetic Compass With Lid

Compass Cup Design Wooden Base

Nautical Compass Wooden Base Antique Finish

Gyroscope Compass

Tripod Stand

Wooden Tripod

Aluminium Tripod Stand Dual Lock

Wind Wane

Anemometer, Cup Counter as Per ISI

Hygrograph (As Per Is: 5900 - 1970)

Clinometer Compass

Brass Plumbob

Survey Instruments

Drawing Instruments

H.L.SCIENTIFIC INDUSTRIES    exquisitely designed nautical instruments & gifts are in a class of their own. Made from the finest of materials and crafted by the best of artisans they are an epitome of our quest for excellence. Don't take our word for it. Just buy once and we are sure that you will keep coming back to us. We can customize the product as per your requirement like engraving/embossing Company's name, your name etc. and take special care that your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Mini Drafter Extra Bracket

Erasing Shield

Set Square

Black Board Instruments Set

Adjustable Set Squire

Sheet Cantener

Instruments Box

French Curve

Protractor Circular

Board Clip

Drawing Board Stand New Model

Drawing Board

Ammonia Printing Machine

Mini Drafter

Tee Square

Easel Stand

Drawing Board Pine Wood

Wooden Geometry Box

Solid Figure

Drawing Instruments

Digital Survey Instruments

H.L.SCIENTIFIC INDUSTRIES engaged in supplying digital surveying instruments. These are available in very competitive price. Our quality range of products is widely used across the clients based in India and subcontinent.

Topcon Total Station

Mirror Stereoscope

Electronic Theodolite

Total Station

Tremble Total Station

Geo Fennel Total Station

Leica Jogger Auto Level

Digital Level Sokkia (SDL30)

South Total Station

Cross Line Laser Level

Topcon Gowin Total Station

Auto Level

Digital Survey Instruments

Glass Distillation units

Our range of products include Glass Distillation units such as Borozee Two Stage Distillation, All Glass Single and Double Distillation, Automatic Distiller Cabinet, Quartz Single Stage Distillation Apparatus- Basic Model, Borostill Double Distiller - 4 Ltrs per hour, Quartz Single Stage Distiller and many more items.

Borozee Two Stage Distillation

All Glass Single and Double Distillation

Automatic Distiller Cabinet

Quartz Single Stage Distillation Apparatus- Basic Model

Borostill Double Distiller - 4 Ltrs per hour

Quartz Single Stage Distiller

Quartz Two Stage Distillation Apparatus

Borozee Single Stage Distillation

Basic Still in Borosilicate Glass

Glass Distillation units

Meteorological Instruments

H.L.SCIENTIFIC INDUSTRIES Leading Manufacturer and Exporter of Meteorological Instruments such as Cup Counter Anemometer, Sunshine Recorder, Stevenson Screen, Portable Weather Station and Non Recording Rain Gauge from Roorkee.

Digital Anemometer

Cup Counter Anemometer

Sunshine Recorder

Portable Weather Station

Non Recording Rain Gauge

Stevenson Screen

Meteorological Instruments

Antique Instruments

H.L.SCIENTIFIC INDUSTRIES      exquisitely designed nautical instruments & gifts are in a class of their own. Made from the finest of materials and crafted by the best of artisans they are an epitome of our quest for excellence. Don't take our word for it. Just buy once and we are sure that you will keep coming back to us. We can customize the product as per your requirement like engraving/embossing Company's name, your name etc. and take special care that your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Pocket Compass

Sand Timer

Antique Telescope

Scientific Telescope

Military Compass

Brass Binocular

Diving Helmet

Brass Ship Bell

Brunton Compass Brass

Stand Telescope

Bioscope On Tripod Stand Antique Look

Camera Video Projector Old Antique Finish

Hanging Sand Timer (Shiny Brass Finish)

Antique Sand Timer Star

Binoculars Brass Shining Finish

Nautical Binoculars

Binocular Brass with Leather

Binoculars Brass Antique Finishing

Binoculars Antique Finishing with Leather Box

Sand Timer Wooden Finish

Antique Instruments

Porcelain ware

Our range of products include Porcelain ware such as Porous Plates Rectangular, Casseroles, Crucibles Tall Form, Porous Plates, Desiccator Plates, Spotting Plates and many more items.

Porous Plates Rectangular


Crucibles Tall Form

Porous Plates

Desiccator Plates

Spotting Plates

Clay Pipes (Triangle)

Pestles and Mortars

Buchner Funnels

Hirsch Funnels

Filter Discs

Gooch Crucibles (without Lid)

Crucibles (Tall Form) (with Lid)


Evaporating Basins (China Dishes)

Porcelain ware

Educational Kit

We are a leading Manufacturer & Exporter of Educational Kit such as 3D Solid Set 10cm, Transparent, Formation of Tetrahedron, Roman Number Kit, Jumbo Geometry Box ( Magnetic Transparent), 2D Shape Maths Kit, Junior Maths Kit and many more items from India.

3D Solid Set 10cm, Transparent

Formation of Tetrahedron

Roman Number Kit

Jumbo Geometry Box ( Magnetic Transparent)

2D Shape Maths Kit

Junior Maths Kit

Senior Math Kit

Rain Gauge

3D Solids Set 5cm, Transparent

Multi- Purpose Geo Stick

X Y Axes Coordinate Geoboard

Birds Chart

2D Shape

Transparent Figure Set

Volume Relationship Set

Fraction From Pattern Block

Geared Student Clock

Vector as Linear Combination of Vector

Student Time Indicator

Student Clock Write and Wipe

Dummy Clock

Geared Teacher Clock

Student Abacus (15 RODS)

Student Abacus (13 RODS)

Algebra Kit (Foam)

PVC Chart Set

Place Value Board

Skip Counting

CO- Ordinate Geo Board

Descending Card Game

Ascending Card Game

Cubic Identity

Algebra Case Kit

Student's Algebra Identity Kit

Algebra Case

Mensuration Kit

Working Model of Pythagoras Theorem

Pythagoras Theorem by Small Squares

Conic Section

Pythagoras Theorem by Reverse Method

Junior Pythagoras Theorem

Senior Pythagoras Theorem

Bucket Balance

Pan Balance

Number Planet

Hexagonal Weight Set

Data Collection Board

Dish Balance with Weighted Number

Balance with Bear Family Weight

Fill 'O' Fun

Educational Kit
View All
 Laboratory Instruments

Hot Air Oven

Mortuary Chamber

Embalming Machine(Cadaverous Injector)

Ishhara's Chart

Rotary Shaker(Platform Type)

Tuning Fork (Harmonic)

Tuning Fork (Planetary)

Tuning Fork Set (Steel Chrome Plated)

Tuning Fork (Steel)

Tuning Fork (Steel Ball)

Tuning Fork (Side Spring Loading Trial Frame)

Tuning Fork (Blue Steel)

Tuning Fork (Aluminum Weighted)

Tuning Fork (Sharp)

Tuning Fork (Angel Tuner)

Hot Plate

Tuning Fork ( Kabbalah Tree of Life)

Tuning Fork (Chakras)

Tuning Fork ( ENT )

Manesty Pattern Water Still Plant (Wall Mounting)

Blood Mixer

Blood Mixers

Digital Stop Clock

Fume Hood (Cupboard)

Barnstead type Water Still

Heating Mantle

U.V. Cabinet

Freezing Micotome

Freezing Microtome

Grip Daynometer

Student Polarimeter(Laurent Half Shade)

Chemical Balance

Physical Balance

Black Rexine Chart

Millipore type Membrance Filter

Bunsen Burner with Stop Cock

Stop Watch

Glass Jar for Musim Specimen

Student Spirometer

Vacuum Pumps Rotary

Ice Cube Making Machine

Micro Tome Razors

Freezing Micro Tome (Erma type)

Sliding Micro Tome

Honing Stone

L. Moulds (Brass)

Rocking Micro Tome


Respiration Pump

Dry Bath Incubators

Kjeldhal Distillation Apparatus

Anaerobic Culture Gas Pack Jar

Laboratory Stirrer Model

Rotary Vacuum Film Evaporator (Buchi Type)

Laboratory Centrifuge Machine Digital /Non Digital

Dental Autoclave and Sterilizer

Bio Safety Cabinet

Skinfold Caliper

Tuning Fork (Steel Half Ball Handle)

Kjeldhal Digestion and Distillation Unit

Soxhlet Extraction Unit with Energy Regulator

Charmotography Glass Tank

Harpenden Calliper

Rotary Microtome

Hot Plate Rectangular

V.D.R.L. Rotator(Shaker) Variable Speed

Orbital Shaker Cum B.O.D. Incubator

Water Bath Incubator Shaker

Digital Stop Watch

Anatomy Table

Medico Centrifuge Machine

Vacuum Pump

China Dish

Tripod Stand

Digital PH Meter

Blood Cell Counter

ABBE Refractometer

Staining Rack

Gas Tap

COD Digestion Apparatus

Vacuum Oven

Plant Growth Chamber

High Temperature Universal Oven

Thin Layer Chromatography Apparatus

Bone and Meat Cutting Machine

Automatic Tissue Processor

Laminar Air Flow

B. O. D Incubator

Automatic Knife Sharpener

Magnetic Stirrer

Bomb Calorimeter

Sledge Micro Tome

Melting Point Apparatus Precision / Digital

Deonizer : (Ion Exchanger)

Auto Clave

Incubator Bacteriological

Vertical Autoclave

Tissue Culture Rack

Glassware Dryer

Tray Drying Oven

Rotary Flask Shaker

Serological Water Bath

Water Bath Rectangular Thermostatic (Double Walled)

Water Bath Rectangular (Single Walled)

Electrophoresis Equipment

Laboratory Deep Freezer

Lab Refrigrator

Bacteriological Incubator

Bio Chemical Oxygen Demand

Rectangular Muffle Furnace (Laboratory Model)

Muffle Furnance(Industrial Grooved type)

Butyro Refractometer

B.O.D Incubator Cum Orbital Shaking Machine

Humidity Chamber

Environmental Chamber

Cadavar Tank

Redwood Viscometer

Seed Germinator(Single Door)

Seed Germinator(Double Door)

Digital Refrigerator with all Accessories

Leather Strap

Tissue Flotation Bath

Platinum Loop Holder

Laboratory Tourniquet

Motor & Pestle

Laboratory Urinometer

Measuring Scale Steel

Snellen's Chart

Wet & Dry Thermometer

Laboratory Haemoglobinometer

Wooden Meter Scale Full Meter

Revolving Stool


Stainless Steel Pipette Washer

Retrod Stand

Wire Gauge with Asbestos Sheet

Laminated Chart

Stage Micrometer

Occular Micrometer


 Engineering Electronic Instruments

 Research Microscopes

 Pharmacy Instruments

 Physics Research Instruments

 Chemistry Equipment

 Weighing Scales

 Plastic Glass Ware

 Soda Glassware

 Borosilicate Glass

 Astro Telescopes

 Biological Models

 Density Hydrometer

 Laboratory Thermometer

 Audio Visual Equipment

 ENT Equipment

 Gynaecology Equipments

 Dental Equipments

 Neurological Instruments

 Laboratory Accessories

 Ophthalmic Equipment

 Physics Electrical Cell

 Electrical Engineering Equipments

 Electricity Equipment

 Physics Labware

 Magnetism and Electrostatic

 Entomologicals Equipments

 Plant Pathalogy Equipments

 General Purpose Equipments

 ITI List of Tools and Equipment for the Trade of Fitter

 ITI List of Tools and Equipment

 Reagent Chemical

 Laboratory Research Equipment

 Survey Instruments

 Drawing Instruments

 Digital Survey Instruments

 Glass Distillation units

 Meteorological Instruments

 Antique Instruments

 Porcelain ware

 Educational Kit

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